Together, we're the dynamic care team behind Flourish Therapy.  We combine what we’ve found to be some of the best therapeutic approaches to create an environment of healing for clients who long for emotional and physical restoration. We bring our varied experience, unique intuition + personal synergy to tend to the individual hearts + needs of our clients as they journey back to themselves.

Hey, we’re Lauren + Luke

Luke is a Trauma-Informed, Abuse-Informed Mental Health Practitioner. He has his MA in Clinical Counseling, and has found great fulfillment working with clients for a decade. Having seen the effectiveness of an integrated “top-down” (mind) + “bottom-up” (body) approach, Luke mindfully blends nervous system regulation, EMDR, attachment theory, parts work, somatic work + the latest neuroscience to help cultivate an environment where healing happens. 

We have been married since 2006, and best friends since we were teenagers. We live with our children in Thailand, where we love the slower-paced life, and incredible beauty around us. We have been on quite a colorful journey of healing ourselves, and it is our immense honor to help you learn how to tune into the wisdom of your body as you find your way back to yourself.   

Lauren is a Certified Mind-Body Practitioner + Medical Consultant. She pulls from her 15 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, Nutritional Therapist and brain-retrainer herself, to help people rewire out of dysregulation + chronic illness, into joy, connection + whole-body health. Lauren finds so much meaning as she supports people in the vulnerabilities of chronic illness, rediscovering hope + the journey of recovery. 



Healing Stories

"I found Luke to be the perfect blend of personal and professional. His questions and direction were excellent. I have realized how important my underlying beliefs are in affecting my feelings and ultimately my behaviors. His experiences before counseling very much helped him to be able to relate to me in the situation I found myself in. would definitely recommend Luke to anyone looking to heal + grow. I have experienced so much more joy, peace, and enthusiasm for life from working with him."

"Lauren was able to reassure me, help me feel heard, and gave me practical and manageable tools to begin healing my body. I have lots more energy and the brain fog is gone. I am working full time now and I can see a noticeable improvement over previous years that I never noticed needed help before. Thanks for your help in that really scary and murky beginning. All in all very thankful!"

"You have helped me through some deep waters in my life and don't know how to thank you. It meant so much that you understood my pain, my fragility and my brokenness in all of this. Thank you for not holding that against me or over me. I have very few places to be open and understood these days. I hope if I ever need to talk to someone else in the future, I can find someone half as good. I have benefitted so immensely from our sessions."

"Lauren, the process you’ve walked me through has helped me feel remarkably better. I haven’t felt this much energy in ages. And not having so many digestive problems is really great. I am actually losing weight without exerting so much effort. It feels so good to understand my body and mind, and know how to support myself in such a powerful way."

"We want to express our thanks and appreciation for your care for us in the counseling process. You encouraged us many times in our relationship struggles and helped us to go deeper than immediate "fix-its" to examine what was going on in our thinking and beliefs, as well as in our brains and physiological responses. Your transparency in how you've dealt with similar issues was relatable and refreshing, helping us to see that we are not alone. A huge THANK YOU for your skilled and caring work with us."

"Each time we have met with Luke and Lauren, we finish feeling encouraged and deeply loved. Their passion and immense knowledge of the mind/body/spirit connection creates a unique dynamic duo to help others cultivate a similar awareness. They are truly offering something really special between the two of them. As a result of my time working with Lauren, we were able to decipher the reasons behind my physical fatigue, low blood sugar symptoms, chronic candida and stress related anxiety. You ALL are in for a treat!!!"

"I felt like I was able to trust Luke very quickly and felt quite comfortable with him. He has strength, and can see through people's words in such a unique way. He has a great understanding of who I am, what I am experiencing and I appreciate his gracious guidance. We felt he was a great combination of compassion, understanding, and truth-telling. Our couples sessions with him were excellent and we are so grateful."

"Working with Lauren has been life-changing. When I began working with her I was really struggling with my health as my autoimmune disease was really affecting my daily life. From brain fog to fatigue, to hair loss to several other issues. Working with Lauren has really rocked my whole world. Her direction has helped me live a healthier, fuller life. I feel hopeful, joyful and so so thankful!"

"Luke and Lauren not only know their fields well and are equipped to help others work towards mental and physical well being, they both connect and empathize on such a personal level. They are so relatable and approachable that it makes for a safe, easy place to be vulnerable and work through difficult things. They're genuine, honest and caring people which helps create a great therapeutic environment."

"The sessions I’ve had with Luke have been life-altering. Throughout my sessions, I have acquired knowledge about my limbic (emotional) system, how to maintain it, the importance of recognizing familiar and unfamiliar sensations, and the type of attachment style I have. Each session with Luke has opened more knowledge of self-awareness, which enables healing from childhood-based traumas. Not only do these sessions support management of previous experiences, but also lends a hand to manage further unknown ventures."

"In my line of work I encounter many stressors and relational challenges. These challenges are not simply undesirable nuisances that cause me 'new problems', but rather painful exposures of existing patterns of unhealthy thoughts and rituals. Further, they are not 'random' patterns caused by a lack of discipline or knowledge. They are deeply connected to my story, experiences, and attachment style. Luke helped me disentangle the seemingly impossible knot of unhealth and provided kind, gentle, and empathetic guidance to health. In addition to feeling heard, understood, and cared for, he provided useful insight and education that gave me tools to see real change." 

"Luke has played an integral role in my relational, emotional and spiritual health over the last 3 years. He has gently led me through foggy areas of my past, put words to experiences that I'm unable to verbalize, and fathered me in ways that are deeply healing. His approach, kindness and humility are exactly what I have needed in my journey to health."