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Humans need 4 things from an attachment standpoint, according to Dr. Dan Siegel, founder of the remarkable field of interpersonal neurobiology (also known as relational neuroscience). To be: 1.) Safe2.) Seen3.) Soothed4.) Secure These needs are present from the very beginning and depending on how they are responded to and how consistently they are met, […]

Attachment, Emotional Health

March 30, 2023

Attachment Needs

Going back on boundaries that you’ve set is not at all uncommon. Sometimes this is because the boundary was made out of reactivity, not careful consideration of how best to meet our needs for safety and connection. Upon reconsideration, we pivot and recommunicate our needs. However, A LOT of the time, when someone forsakes a […]

Boundaries, Emotional Health, Trauma Effects

March 30, 2023

Going Back on Boundaries

Compassion changes you. Think of a time where you’ve done something wrong and the person involved responded to you in compassion, instead of anger or judgment. It has a softening effect, almost immediately. Self-compassion can be equally as powerful as compassion from others. Beginning to see yourself through the lens of compassion brings the kindness […]

Emotional Health

March 20, 2023

Why compassion for self matters so much

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